come-to-life 3D books with AR

Created for your child using magic technologies

come-to-life 3D books with AR

Created for your child using magic technologies
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The main character of the story is your kid! The adventure is based on her unique name.
Your child is a wizard with magic wand being his smartphone. Hover it on the pages of the book and it will come to life.
Our interactive books became possible with the help of advanced IT technologies.

Personalized fairy tale

Come-to-life pages

Augmented Reality

Astonishing Gift

That nobody has ever received before
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Put your child's name in a story and make him a hero
The story is personalized and is all about brave adventurous of your child.
Your book comes to life
Augmented Reality opens a new world where characters comes to life, talk and play with the reader.
Watch a detailed video about exciting AR games that can be found in your book.
Оживающая 3д книга для детей
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Персональная книга Magic Story
with a personalized come-to-life magical story
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Surprise your kid with a super-book
Adventures contain
many useful and child developmental exercises in a fun way.
Each story teaches the kid curiosity and courage, the value of friendship and the power of a good.
An adventure story about yourself and come-to-life stories capture even the most reluctant readers attention.



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